Maikhan Tolgoi tourist camp

Maikhan Tolgoi tourist camp

Welcome to our Maikhan Tolgoi tourist camp in Arkhangai province, Mongolia. The ger camp has been built in Khorgo-Terkh National Park in 2004. It is located in the most beautiful area of Central Mongolia and just right on the shore of Great White Lake.  

Over the years, we have increased our affiliation with greater numbers of Mongolian tour operators. As of last year, we measure association with about one-hundred and twenty tour operator companies. We maintained our focus on preserving a reliable service for our customers. We always aim to continually provide our employees with professional training to improve their skills and provide optimum customer service. We raise these points to apprise our clients and long-term customers in our progress toward sustainable, eco-friendly travel aimed to retain the cultural heritage of our Mongolian people.

We thank you all for cooperating with us over the years.

Welcome and enjoy your stay with us!

Accommodation - Ger

The ger camp is seasonal in the summers and tries to operate a low harmful impact in the area. It has 22 twin occupancy gers, 8 triples and 3 summer wooden houses that can accommodate guests. There are also 6 family or group size gers, with 4 & 5 beds. The gers have fire stoves and are beautifully decorated and breathtaking views can be enjoyed from the inside. Showers and toilets are provided in two separate buildings. After swimming in the lake you can enjoy warm and cozy showers. It is five-star camping at its best. The camp is connected to central electricity system; here you can charge your laptops, cameras, and batteries, which make your trip memorable for a lifetime.

Accommodation - Ger
Dining Place

Dining Place

Two Mongolian Ger shaped restaurants serve Mongolian and Western-style dishes in an authentic wooden environment. It provides the best available selection of local dishes and traditional specialties for the Western palate. In addition, it is possible to make special arrangements for most dietary needs. Please contact a staff member at the Restaurant to discuss your specific requirements. Every morning the cooks prepare a festive breakfast buffet for you with freshly baked bread, natural yoghurt and fresh milk supplied by the neighboring nomads. The lunch and dinner consist of 2-3 course set meals. In the restaurant, you will find a good selection of wines, cold beers, and soft drinks. Specials, such as picnics or national food delicacies like horhog (traditional Mongolian barbecue), can be made upon request with some additional fees.

Activities and Free time

If you just want to sit back and enjoy the magnificent lake view, you can grab a book from a tiny library in a restaurant and go outside and read on the shore. Besides books, there are many things you may love, such as to challenge your skills in one of the “manly games” of Mongolia with the bow and arrows. Why not to try Mongolian game with ankle bones, just ask the staff and they will instruct you how to play!

The surroundings inspire you to go hiking around nearby hills. Ask our cook to pack your lunch and stray away into the hills for the day. If you prefer to make an excursion on the quad, there is one for rent at the camp. You may also explore the area by hooves; hourly, half days and full-day rides are organized with local horsemen. Terkh White Lake has more than 10 species of fish such as Taimen, perch, lenok and pike. It’s registered in Ramsar’s Convention because many birds including swan, shelduck, duck, gull, common heron and great white egret gather here. For your interest, we can rent fishing rods according to your request.

Activities and Free time

Hiking routes around Khorgo-Terkh National park

Hiking around this beautiful lake offers excellent wildlife-spotting opportunities in a stunning landscape surrounded by extinct volcanoes. On the way, there are caves worth exploring.

1. Discover Khorgo national park, hiking in the wilderness and challenge yourself Hiking route 

2. Hiking in the wilderness, challenge yourself and landscape photographing

Bird watching routes around Khorgo-Terkh National Park

Route 3. Raptor watching route in Terkh White Lake

Total of 54 species of raptors (birds of prey) recorded in Mongolia. Most of them can be seen in the mountains and the mountain forest near the Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake. Here we described the most abundant raptors which are breeding near the lake.


Route 4. Water bird watching route in Terkh White Lake                     

There are a total of 244 species of birds recorded in Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake and out of 124 are passerine species. The best place to watch the passerine species near the Lake is scattered volcanic rocky forest area which locates in the northern part of the lake. 


Route 5. Small bird watching route in Terkh White lake 

Terkh White Lake is one of the Important Bird Areas /IBA/ in Mongolia and many water birds breed and molt in this lake during the summertime. A total of more than 90 species of water birds have been recorded in this lake during both spring and autumn seasons. Here we described the most abundant breeding species.

Flower watching routes around Khorgo-Terkh National Park

Route 6. Forests and forest edge plants of Khorgo-Terkh White Lake    

Route 7. Steppe plants of Khorgo-Terkh White Lake 

Route 8. The plants of the crater of Khorgo volcano

Horseback riding route around Khorgo-Terkh National Park

Route 9. Horseback riding route


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