Nomadic Naadam Festival 2018

Mongol Nomadic camp organizes a mini version of Naadam Festival for the tourist of every season. The event offers of authentic experience and atmosphere of Mongolian Naadam, assure the organizers. Mongolian Naadam Festival consists of the Three Manly Games of the Mongols, namely, wrestling, archery and horse racing that nomads of Mongolia have practiced thousands of years. The Naadam is one of the 10 biggest festivals in the world along with Brazil’s Carnival, and India’s Diwali. According to the organizers, from the moment that visitors set foot at the arena they will see and feel the Naadam, there will be traditional Mongolian “asar” tents set, Mongolian music played, and traditionally dressed locals everywhere as well as the Naadam competitors: wrestlers, archers and horse trainers and jockeys with their horses. All visitors will be greeted and welcomed to the arena to join the Naadam.

The event will begin with a Mongolian long song & horse head fiddle performance as a tradition. Then 16 strong wrestlers will compete in the 1st round of wrestling competition, followed by the archery competition and afterwards a musical performance of local artists (Mongolian dances and songs).

Archers will perform archery showcase and spectators are welcome to try. Also a group of locals will perform traditions of moving with a Ger etc loaded on a yak cart, and they will join the Naadam later too. Horse racing will follow soon after the little jockeys sing Giingoo – a special song/blessing echo for racing horses.

The winners of the competitions will be awarded with sheep and other traditional gifts of nomads. And visitors have the opportunity to meet the competitors and take photos. Visitors also can make bets on the race horses and wrestlers. Moreover, there will be lots of surprises such as performances and competitions including Beauty Contest on Horseback.

WHEN: The Nomadic Naadam will be held on the following dates at 02-04pm.

WHERE: Mongol Nomadic camp (50km from Ulaanbaatar to the west).






For more information, please contact the organizers at:  +976-9908-9730 & +976-9911-8573. 

Facebook page: NomadicNaadam



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