4 things of unexpected Mongolia

During 5 years of guiding, some things repeatedly pointed out by the tourists, were unexpected. 

1. “We didn’t expect modern buildings and traffic in the city.”

If you google Mongolia, most of the photos will show you our beautiful nature, nomadic lifestyle and of course, horses. Even though that does play a big part in our country’s image people often assume that is all we have. You will be surprised by our country’s mixture of urban and antique.

2. “We didn’t expect Mongolian ger to be cozy”

Sleeping inside a ger is the most wanted thing on travelers' bucket lists. Yes, it is more comfortable and spacious than it might look. Mongolian nomads keep a minimalist lifestyle. Tourists are amazed by its authenticity. Most of the families use solar panels to charge their mobile phones and light. Luxury gers differ from the others by furniture design and with slightly bigger capacity.

3. Me:

-Okay, today will be our trip’s longest drive which is about 7 hours.

Singaporeans or Hong Khongers:

-That’s the same duration, going back in forth our country 7 times!

I know we drive a lot. Usually, 5-8 hours depending on the route.

 If you're sensitive to car sickness, you can switch for the front seats with your guide. However, most of the tourists enjoy their bumpy roads and unique topographical.

4. “We didn’t expect Mongolians’ gentle vibes”

Even though the Mongolian language use lots of consonants and back of our throats, mostly we get complimented by a general tune. People also have a pretty laid back, chill attitude in the countryside.