Lake Khuvsgul travel diary, story of I became “a human”

The diary of how I became a human traveling to the Lake Khuvsgul that everyone goes to for the first time.


Around 10:00 am, August 22, 2017 a team of four people started a travel from Ulaanbaatar city to Khuvsgul province. We headed to the Art88 Resort in Khuvsgul. I left home early in the morning and excitingly whispering to myself “Yes! finally the day has come.”

In the past 20 years, I have never seen the Lake, did not even pass nearby. Only heard that it is the largest fresh water lake in Mongolia plus it is the top destination during summer.



Except that I brought too less clothes, felt a bit chilly due to my excitement and had no experience of coming here, it was a fantastic and memorable trip of my life.

When we arrived, autumn has already started in there, peak of the mountain was covered little bit in snow, but it gave us the perfect chance to see and feel all the four seasons at once.

It was the foreword before we start our journey to Lake Khuvsgul, are you ready to continue?



I must mention that my travel buddies were very especial people, journalist, painter and tourism experts. Who slept more during the trip was me out of four of us, the most talkative ones are Tseba and Orgil.

Weather continued, very fine, sky serene and calm, I was looking through the window, observing every single beauty of the nature and I thought to myself how beautiful and stunning my country is, even now I still can go back to that moment, it deeply imprinted in my mind. It was already turned into autumn but seems the nature doesn’t want to let go the summer easily, in some parts were still with green color.  I have to say that I was lucky enough going with experienced travelers who almost explored and traveled all around Mongolia. Because it was wonderful for me to hear their exotic adventure stories and memories during 800km long trip to our destination. Suddenly we realized that lunch time has already passed, so we stopped by one yurt camp in Darkhan city to have our linner.

Our estimated time of arrival at Khuvsgul Lake is 02:00AM.

It is very nice to stop by local family on our way because all their traditional lifestyle is purely right in front of your eyes. The best part is their hospitable character and the bigger portion of meal. Guess all the locals and foreign tourists know that very well, it also could be one of the culture of the trip.  


We passed Murun soum of Khuvsgul at midnight and headed to Khatgal soum. Seemed it just rained here, the ground was glittering under the car light and I could smell the petrichor outside, feel the chill after rain.

When we got closer to Khatgal the rain was getting more and more stronger, but inside the car we were listening children song and some of us already slumbering in back seat.

Suddenly, we noticed one car was flashing its light trying to give us a signal. We were going to pass it but it was late night, there was not many cars around, so we decided to stop and help him, if his car was broken. The driver was alone and smells he drunk a little “beverage”. He asked us to drive together, probably he got afraid to drive alone at midnight.

Continuing strong rain…

The driver came to his place and we kept driving to our destination, going through black and tall trees, finally we arrived at ART88 resort around 3AM.

Where is the Lake?

Coming late made us to cancel our plan to wake up early, but after getting enough rest preparing my mind to see the main purpose “lake” quietly excited at the same time. With my travel partner Ulziimaa, we decided to go out first to see the lake and have our brunch, when we stepped out, it was foggy and chilly outside, I was wondering why it was like this, it was not how I expected. Because before I came I saw others picture with the lake it felt almost like Bali.

I was keep looking for the lake but still haven’t find it. So, I asked Ulziimaa, she told me it was there, if I see it clearly it was fully covered in mist, the deep blue color turned to hidden greyish. That’s why I was got confused for a while.


Gloomy weather, peaceful nature and the surroundings makes the lake more fabulous, even making my mind pleasant. I walked into the ART88 resort’s restaurant with the exciting mind to go close by the lake bank.