Steppe Horse Festival in eastern Mongolia

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Winter Horse Festival in eastern Mongolia

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Winter Horse Festival 2020

             Since Mongolia is known as the land of the horse, and Mongols have a reputation for being the best horsemen on Earth. Behind all this is the traditional horse culture, especially their unique skill during winter.

              Our main purpose is to keep this horse culture and spread it to the world through the Winter Horse Festival event. Each year Horse-breeders from near and far destinations come to attend the festival with their horse, to challenge their speed, agility, and accuracy in the competitions. The Festival is organized by the local horse breeders every year. This extraordinary festival gives a great chance for travelers to see Mongolian horses and experience horse herders’ customs and culture.

              Many interesting activities and competitions expected at the festival including horse racing, energetic performance by local artists, traditional costumes, and professional photographers will take photos of 2000 horses and horse herders show off their skills. During the festival we can explore nomadic Mongolian’s lifestyle, culture, and customs.

Festival Agenda

2rd of November
In the morning we will start a ride to Batnorov soum of to Khentii province. 
In the afternoon we will stop for lunch break at Tsenkhermandal soum  
When we arrive at Chinggis city (Khentii province) visit some historical places.
At night have dinner at the ger camp restaurant in Batnorow soum.
After dinner go to the soum center enjoy the “Who will sing the best song about the horse” competition concert.

 3rd of November
Opening ceremony and Best horse tamer competition starts
Later on, is short destination horse racing
Have lunch back at the camp restaurant. And continue to enjoy the opening concert, nice looking couple in traditional costume and matching horse.
The final round of the competitions and to award prizes.
At night we have dinner and visit the cultural center to enjoy the concert of local artists and dance with the locals.

 4th of November
 After breakfast will witness championship of Taiga dogs /local dog species for hunting/
After having lunch will go to visit a nomad family to have a more close connection with nomads’ daily life and the way they live. End of the festival, back to Ulaanbaatar city. 



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